Fall Color Garden of the Gods

Up close and personal Pikes Peak as seen from Garden of the Gods.
Luscious colors and brushstrokes are what we love- thick oil paint and lots of texture.
We love to paint outdoors when we can because the light is so brilliant and sharp it keeps the colors from muddying up. It seems like indoors the artificial lights always take away from the effect we are trying to get at. In the distance of the painting we keep the paint thin and kind of transparent and muted; in the foreground we make it very vibrant with bold with thick paint that pops off the surface.
If you get back far enough it really feels like you can walk right into the space or if you are a bird, you can fly right into the painting.
Painted in the summer of 2018 from our Colorado mountain tour. The unique beauty and color of the red rocks really connect to me spiritually. Red is my favorite color in all it’s varying intensity and lightness.
Coral colors to English Red the jutting rocks leave me speechless too; as they seem frozen in time and space as if in mid exclamation during some great Godly and dramatic speech!
I am so thankful that the land was made a free public park by its land owners. They understood and appreciated its beauty and the need for conservation while making it available to all those who wander on a quest to be immersed in nature’s natural beauty.